Take Time to Live Better

Born in Africa, Healthy by Tradition

Duguma Organic was founded to share the healthy values of traditional African life with the modern world. We believe that healthy living starts by understanding the place of wholesome food within the happy rhythm of life. Take coffee as an example. Most of us grab a cup of coffee to go and hurriedly gulp it down on the way to work. In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, friends and relatives come together for the coffee ceremony and spend time enjoying the drink and the company of loved ones. At Duguma Organic, we invite you to our table to share the things that make us all happy and healthy. Please enjoy our natural and organic products with those you love.

Why Choose Organic Products?

At Duguma Organic we celebrate your right to choose the best and most wholesome products for the health of your family. Many people choose organic products not only because of how they feel when using them but also for their positive effect on the environment we all share.

Millions of people in Africa live a traditional lifestyle close to the soil. They grow all their own food and experience the rich benefits of farm to table living. We share these healthy traditions through our hand-selected organic products.